I am so happy to inform that my free course on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the absolute beginner 2022 has been published on SkillShare

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Course on SkillShare

If you have reading my previous series ( click here ) on Artificial Intelligence then you know I am very passionate about creating awareness on this subject. This is the reason I am sharing the below link . Any people interested in attending please enroll via the below link for FREE

They usually take your payment details to check you are a real person but you will not be charged anything and can cancel after taking this course

CLICK HERE to enroll in my Free Course

What you will learn in my free course on Artificial Intelligence

With you course you will learn :

  • The key concepts of AI and Machine Learning and the different types of machine learning models
  • How to create a machine learning model without writing any code in Python
  • How to deploy AI based services for image recognition, text to speech and conversational chatbots 

Do let me have your thoughts on this course and how you think it can be improved. I plan on release more courses in the coming months so do follow me on SkillShare and on my Youtube channel so you can get updates whenever I release !