I am so happy to inform that my course on application security fundamentals has been published on Udemy. This is the second one after my Artificial Intelligence course was launched on Skillshare last month.

Application Security course
SkillShare Course

If you have reading my previous blogs then you know creating awareness about complex topics like Artificial Intelligence and Application Security is a topic I am very passionate about. This is the reason I am sharing the below link . Any people interested in attending please enroll via the below link :

CLICK HERE to enroll in the Course

What you will learn in my Application Security course

As Web Application can be a daunting subject this course is intended for security professionals / web developers who are interested in learning about this topic from the ground up and with zero prior knowledge. This course will provide you with the below :Β 

  1. An overview of web application security and its importance
  2. Most common types of web application attacks and their mitigations
  3. Types of security strategies and mitigations to implement to protect your digital assets

The concepts taught in this course are independent of any programming language and can be learnt by anyone

Do let me have your thoughts on this course and how you think it can be improved. I plan on release more courses in the coming months so do follow me on SkillShare , Udemy and on myΒ Youtube channelΒ so you can get updates whenever I release !