🇬🇧 Are you an IT Professional interested in the UK Global Talent VISA ?

The UK Global Talent VISA is one of the most sought after VISAs in the world allowing you and your family to move to the UK and start your dream life.

However ... the key step is obtaining Tech Nation endorsement which can be very challenging.

Our upcoming Tech Nation accelerator course is designed to give you all the resources you need to obtain your endorsement on the first try !

🚀 Introducing the Tech Nation Accelerator course 🚀

Our upcoming course will provide you the below :

  • A complete walk-through of the Tech Nation endorsement process showing you what to do in order to obtain the endorsement.
  • Read made templates for key documents such as CVs, Letters of recommendation, personal statement, mandatory and optional criteria etc.
  • Key mistakes to avoid when crafting your application to guarantee chances of success
  • Tips for IT Professionals on how to showcase their achievements to increase chances of endorsement
  • A complimentary 60 minute session with holders of the UK Global Talent visa so they may clarify any issues and give tips for success
  • Regular free updates to align with changes to endorsement requirements by Tech Nation

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