2022 was the year I look the plunge to write a cyber security book after putting it off for many years. My first book on AI governance and Cyber security was published in April of this year. While it did not break any records nor make me a millionaire ( at least not yet πŸ˜‰ ) it was still one of the best and most rewarding experiences I have had.

A lot of IT professionals think about writing a book at least once in their career but few actually take the first step.

In this article, I am going to put down a few reasons why anyone with even a little of cybersecurity experience should think about writing a book and getting the β€œAuthor” tag on their profile. While the process seems scary at first, I hope this list motivates you and drives you to take that first step.

✍️ # 1 β€” Share your knowledge with the world

If you have worked in cybersecurity for even a small amount of time then you have a wealth of real world knowledge you can share. You might be hit by doubts stopping like you like the below :

No one is going to buy the book !

No one is interested in what I have to say !

Every topic is already been written about !

All of these doubts carry no weight honestly. Even if no one buys it, your book will always be out there in the world giving you credibility. Similarly everyone has a unique way of communicating their experiences in the world and cyber security is a vast field with a huge array of topics to cover. Whether you are writing about encryption, cloud security or malware; rest assured that somewhere someone is going to be interested in what you are writing.

✍️ # 2 β€” Establish your brand in the industry

There are a lot of ways to establish your name in the hyper-competitive cyber security industry. You could speak at conferences, teach courses, start a YouTube channel but none of them screams β€œexpert” like having a book with your name on it. It is easy to say you know cyber-security but having an actual cyber-security book published establishes your industry brand.

As someone once said β€œBooks are the new business card”

Writing a book also sets you apart as the entry bar is much higher than say speaking at a conference or teaching a course. Add the word β€œauthor” to your LinkedIn or CV also makes managers sit up and take notice due to the authority it automatically brings.

✍️ # 3 β€” A great way to self develop

Writing a book requires discipline, persistence and a drive to see things right up-to the end. It will take you out of your comfort zone and force you to set aside time to make sure your book is following the roadmap you set. As exciting as cyber-security can be; work can get monotonous after a while and taking on a new challenge can be exciting stuff !

This also reflect in your job as you will be more prone to taking on new challenges as a result

✍️ # 4 β€” Increase your knowledge

Just to be clear, you dont have to be an expert to write a book. You just have to know more than the average person and know how to communicate it. Writing a book on say β€œCloud Security” will make you read and watch almost everything on the topic so you can put your unique touch on it.

In addition to cyber-security, publishing a book on a platform like say β€œKindle Direct Publishing” can be a great way to find out how these platforms work. I had no idea how much work went into creating a compelling book cover and description !

Best of all , self-publishing is completely free and accessible for anyone who wants to put their book out there

✍️ # 5 β€” Earn some passive income

While I dont recommend this be your primary goal but yes writing books can lead to some serious passive income once you figure out the ins and outs of self publishing.

Every book you write can be made into a paperback, eBook and even an audio book which is three different streams of income ! The royalties you get might not seem much but accumulate over time and your book will always be out there earning you passive income.

πŸš€ Take that step today !

I hope this motivated you to put your cyber security knowledge to paper and start writing that book you have been dreaming of today !

Now that we have covered the WHY, in the next part I will go over the HOW to go about writing a cyber-security book

Good luck on your self publishing journey !

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