Of all the topic I have posted about, the most questions I have been asked so far is definitely the UK Global Talent Visa. Understandable as the UK is definitely an amazing destination for tech people as a place of work and long term immigration for their family . Every year the number of applicants for the UK Global Talent is increasing due to it superiority over other visa routes as you can see below :

Applications by Country for UK Global Talent VISA

I have already discussed at length what the Global Talent VISA is so do take a look at my earlier posts if you dont know but I wanted to write about the top three tips I would give to new applicants. If you are planning on applying for the UK Global Talent Visa then keep on reading below as I am sure these will be helpful for you

Presentation matters a lot in the Global Talent VISA

Tech nation wants you to provide 10 pieces of evidence to support your application which they will judge to assess whether you have Exceptional Talent or Promise. First impressions are extremely critical here so remember the below :

  • Put everything in the application itself. Do not put links or references to external documents as the assessor will most probably not click on them leading to critical evidence not being seen
  • Dont waste any free space on your documents. Make Tables / Diagrams and show everything that you did in your projects / achievements . There is no such thing as too much information ( within the 3 page limit )
  • Make sure your evidences have a proper flow. Show what you worked on , what you did and the potential impact of your work. If you jump right into the impact then chances are that the proper context will not be there and the assessor will not impressed.

Dont rush the Tech Nation application

That moment you hit the submit button on your Tech Nation application is thrilling but also one you cannot take back. Think deep and hard before your submit your application about any evidence you might still have. Go over your professional history and old CVs to find out if there is some achievement you might have missed or not given enoght importance. If there is something in the short term which you think might help then do that before and add to yoru application before you submit.

I can give my example in which I appeared for an IDC Master Class and I actually delayed my application as I wanted to add that before I submitted. Like I said , it can be nerve wracking waiting for the assessor to respond so make sure you have not missed anything out before submitting

Take help for your Global Talent VISA application

The Tech-Nation requirements can be overwhelming at first glance and reading though the guide can be enough to demotivate anyone. If you are doing the Global Talent route for the first time then I would definitely recommend taking help from a professional . As I mentioned earlier I took the help of Michelle Hua for my application who is a Tech Nation ambassador and has a Youtube channel dedicated to helping people get the UK Global Talent VISA . My own story is documented below.

My webinar with Michelle Hua on the Global Talent VISA

If you can afford it then I would really advise you to get professional help with finalizing your application. Getting a UK Global Talent visa can be a life changing event so you want to make sure it is done correctly as opposed to you failing the first time and then reaching out for help. which is what happened to me )