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This is part 2 of series on how I was awarded a UK Global Talent VISA which is an absolutely awesome visa to have if you want to immigrate to the west ( read part 1 here ). Unlike the UK Skilled Worker visa you are not bound to a particular employer and can change your job as you see fit. You can even start your own business and generally are eligible for an Indefinite Leave to Remain ( ILR ) within 3 to 5 years ( depending on what visa category you were given ). So it is a very flexible and powerful visa and definitely one I would recommend you try to get if you can.

UK global talent visa requirements

As I mentioned before once I found out that cyber-security expert is one of the type of applicants who can get this visa I started researching the topic and how the process works.

Basically there are two key phases in getting this visa as an IT professional

  • STEP 1 : Get endorsement from Tech-Nation ( more on who they are below )
  • STEP 2: Apply for VISA from Home Office ( usually the easy part )

I am going to focus on Step 1 for this blog post as honestly that is the most difficult part. Tech Nation is the official body authorised by the UK government to assess whether applicants are meeting the criteria for being endorsement for Global Talent. They have a VERY thorough process and assess your entire application based on 10 pieces of evidence which you can see here

If you are lucky enough to be chosen then you are endorsed in one of the below

  • Exceptional Talent ( experience > 5 years )
  • Exceptional Promise ( experience < 5 years )

The difference between the two is quite big given that if you get exceptional talent then you can apply for ILR after 3 years instead of 5 and can get settled permanently in the UK much quicker. I was lucky enough to get exceptional talent if you are curious !

The entire process flow from their website is below :

UK Global Talent VISA process flow from tech nation

My first attempt ( failure )

Full confession time. I goofed up big time on my first attempt in Feb 2021 . I tried to do everything and thought Tech-Nation would be so impressed with my profile that I would not have to put in any details. So I rushed through it and sent it my application in Feb 2021 and got a nice rejection email after three weeks.

If I could summarise my top 3 mistakes I would list them as below :

  • Rushed through it and did not properly prepare my documents
  • Instead of focusing the application on me , a lot of my evidence was in the context of what my team did. Tech-Nation are very specific and want to know what YOUR specific achievements are and not the teams
  • Did not look at my application in a impartial way and hence left a lot of gaps in my application which I assumed they would fill in and understand ( they didnt .. )

My second attempt ( Success ! )

I didnt give up after the first rejection and was determined to succeed in getting this visa. This time I knew I would have to take someone’s help who has done this before. I was VERY lucky in finding Michelle Hua who is an absolute gem of a person based in UK and who specializes in helping people across the world get UK Global Talent visas.

Over a period of two months she helped re-structured my entire application from the ground up. We dug up evidences I did not even know I had and really focused on highlighting me as a cyber-security leader who could add value to the UK economy. I re-submitted in April and got the Tech-Nation approval in 10 days which was pretty amazing !

You can watch the entire video of our journey below

I hope this motivates you to try for the UK Global Talent visa also as it has been a life changing experience for me . I never would have thought of making the UK my home a year back but now here I am. Dont underestimate yourself and put in the effort in trying for this visa. Believe me it is worth it in the long run !