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The UK Global Talent VISA is one of the most prestigious VISAs which IT professionals can obtain. I was lucky enough to be awarded this in 2021 and lots of people were curious as to how. As a break from my cloud security and AI sections , I decided to start this series to document my story.

My background

Brief intro about me that I have been a cyber-security professional for the past 20 years . Initially based out of Pakistan till I was 30 and then move to the UAE . Although a big risk at that time it paid off as I learnt so much about myself and about my profession . The UAE is home to some of the smartest people around and a melting pot of cultures. I worked there for over 10 years and was even awarded the CISO of the year award in 2019 which I am extremely proud of and which you can see here

After around a decade I decided to immigrate toward the west for a number of reasons of which #1 on the list was settling somewhere permanently. I love the UAE with all my heart , consider it my second home and miss it terribly but unfortunately due to a number of personal reasons I had no choice

So I did a bit of research and the below choices came up :

USA : The top choice for most cyber-security professionals but way too difficult to get into nowadays honestly

Canada : Another top choice but unfortunately my age made this a bit difficult. I simply could not get enough points even though I had good English score and qualifications

Australia : Top choice but way too disconnected from the rest of the world . Apart from that I could not find any fault here as it has a good market for IT professionals also

UK : One of my preferences and the fin-tech industry over there is amazing. Also quite close to the Middle East and my home country. They have opened up the Skilled Worker Visa route in 2021 , however getting someone to sponsor you for a job visa has been historically very difficult.

Stumbling upon the UK Global Talent VISA

After doing a bit of research I came across the UK Global Talent VISA which seemed pretty awesome with the below advantages :

  1. No age limit

2. No language requirement

3. No need for sponsor ( the VISA is attached to you )

Most encouraging that cyber-security experts were listed in the technical skills they consider below.

Tech Nation’s criteria are designed for applicants with technical and business skills in the digital technology sector.

You can imagine my happiness when I saw that so I decided to roll up my sleeves and start researching. Will detail on my second post about what I found out about the detailed requirements and the challenges faced.

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